our FOB price list update date 14.01.2019

• 2cm x 30cm x 60cm 19 usd
• 2cm x 40cm x 40cm 24usd
• 2cm x 40cm x 80cm 30 usd
• 2cm x 80cm x 80cm 49 usd
• 2cm x 110cm x 110cm 54 usd
• 2cm x slab (width 120cm≥180cm)51 usd
• 3cm x slab (Length 120cm≥180cm) 57 usd
*** Please call us for current price information
*** Please contact us for other non-standard sizes.

Ottoman beige marble standard cut measurements (cm)

• 2cm thick x 30cm x 60cm
• 2cm thick x 40cm x 40cm
• 2cm thick x 40cm x 80cm
• 2cm thick x 80cm x 80cm
• 2cm thick x 110cm x 110cm
• 2cm thick x slab (width 120cm_180cm)
• 3cm thick x slab (Lenght 120cm_180cm)
*** Please contact us for other non-standard sizes.

Pietra Grey marble dark-grey color a decorative natural stone decorative appearance of the grey color in naturel stones world market the most important feature of this stone polish absortion capacity is very higher then other stones.
The most aesthetic light color with its unique color. We can make produce surface tumbled, polished, brushed, honed, bush hammering, flamed such as flooring, wall covering, marble stair, doors and elevators edge coating, fireplace coverings, kitchen countertops and bathroom counters, all construction coatings projects.
  It can be combination with burdur beige, light beige used flooring coatings, brown emperador carried as other stones with the visual appearance of the level with the out configuration also conducted as in wash basin with the condition of not being extended further secured with epoxy large plate 2x60x60cm sizes.
We started importing in 2009 and Production is carried out with a capacity of 9.800 m2 per month. You can use like Hotel projects, villa projects, used in places such as the elite in terms of luxe residential.
Our sales are available blocks and slabs of marble Turkey you can visit our company's factories and quarries.

Technical catalog values

-Heat resistant  -Stain retention feature/medium  -Middle homogeneity of color -scratch grade high -can be used on the exterior- sunproof
Heat resistant
exterior stone
floor application
water repellent

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Ottoman beige exhibitions

2007/2010/2012/2017 contributions are provided to Izmir fairs and exhibitions verona italy

Company quality documents

Declaration of Conformity

Physical and mechanical properties

hardness (mohs) 3,9
• unit volume weight 2,77 gr/cm3
• Atmospheric pressure SE %0,24
• porosity %0,085
• Pressure resistance 844kgf/cm2
• impact resistance 14,2 kgf/cm2
• Modulus of elasticity x285kgf/cm2
• solidity ratio %97,2
• Porosity grade %0,74
• Average tensile strength 78 kgf/cm2
• Chemical properties SiO2 1.2 Fe2O3 8.9,75 Cao 65.32

PIETRA GREY marble slab

Pietra Grey marble export slab prices

• 2cm x slab (W 120cm≥180cm) 44 usd
• 3cm x slab (W 120cm≥180cm) 52 usd
*** Please contact us for the latest our best prices of slabs
  Pietra grey blocks cut into gangsaw are transformed into plates and processed through processes such as epoxy, net and polishing, honed or brushed in 3+17 plate polishing machine and made safe by making wooden bundle packaging for according to color quality and size. In the case of customer sales, the length and height are deducted according to the 7 cm crack or bad construction. The plaques are black, those with extreme color differences are classified as second class or domestic qualities.
Special cuts are made from slabs with special features such as columns, elevators, facades, special floors, plain or confined sills, bulwark, handrail.  Slabs with a thickness of 2cm take about 16_23 pieces into a bundle. Bundels with a thickness of 3cm take about 14_16 pieces into each bundle. We prefer the open-top type container in the installation.

packing box-case

All cuts are trimmed and controlled by caliper. When packaging is done, all stones are selected and selection is made according to quality and colors
  Abrasives No. 60, 80, 120, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200:polish pad are made of double seal in the same manner. Cappucino Afyon factories are also produced.
  The marble export boxes are written in "Made in Turkey" sealed, and the most important quality elements such as size, selection, quality of lacquer, breakage control are made by our expert team.
  All safety-related materials are used in order to prevent damage that may occur during transportation.
  The shelves are labeled as if the customer wanted to, and a thin long wooden lath was placed so that they would not hit each other and could be removed easily
The stones coming out of the production line are sorted according to their color, tone, tone, and grouped. PIETRA GREY factory you can see stones in stock
  There are approximately 22 crates of marble for 1 truck or container, with a total loading weight of 22 to 24 ton.


PIETRA GREY block marble information

• Block height range of sizes 90 cm / 220 cm
• Block lengths range of sizes 200 cm / 290cm

Cappucino beige blocks are coming from beige quarry of Isparat sutculer area. Block Quality is divided into 2 groups.
A Quality Block Homogeneous color, crack free, stabilized blocks with a ton price of approximately 480 USD / ton and sold to countries such as Egypt, Lublan, Algeria
B Quality Block (Our domestic markets-Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Italy), and other sub-quality ones are measured as m3 in the form of Domestic Market Block. Those going to the foreign market are weighed in the port and sold on a tone basis. Around 98,000 tons per month can be produced. Every month, except winter season, work is done. The specific weight of cappucino beige block is about 2.87 ton/m3.
We provides 3 step mirror operation and block can be given to desired quality. The ground is removed with a selection made by entering a thin red vein.

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Pietra Grey marble reviews
Pietra Grey  marble reviews
Wednesday, January 02, 2019
Pietra Grey crate ready to the requested size